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Black Sky Symmetry, Inc.

Christopher's capability  to deliver the most perfect voice we needed for the project and an  incredibly fast turnaround left a really great impression on our team.  Would love to have an opportunity to work with Mr. McCullough again in  the future!  

Scott Cawthon, Five Nights at Freddy's series

Excellent work and delivered extremely fast. I'm very happy with the finished product! 

Simon Viklund, Overkill Software

Great turnaround time, great audio quality, A+ 

Steve Bergen, Prodigy Game

 Great experience working with Christopher, as always! 

Jerry DeFalco Advertising

 Great Work Christopher, you nailed it! thanks for the quick turnaround.

 It was amazing to work with you.
Thank you for prompt responses, and amazing take on the VO.
Hope to work with you soon on other projects.